International Projects
Strategic Engagement works around the world addressing the design and facilitation of social change. We are a part of Implement Change Partners (Sweden/Denmark), as well as Sistemas Humanos (Colombia), and Center for Community Outreach (Argentina) The following are a few of our projects.

International Change Facilitators: A group of academic/practitioners is continuing a decades long relationship around best practices in social change. They meet not only to share their methods, skills, and learnings about facilitating sustainable change, but address actual challenging situations in their host countries with the innovative and effective methods they use to help create better futures.

How: Sistemas Humanos has taken bold steps to transform itself into an important asset to Colombia at this time of vast social change. In conjunction with Universidad Central (and other Latin American Universities and organizations), they are highlighting a new business unit called “How.” This group addresses challenging issues in organizations, groups, and  systems of all sizes using innovation, design thinking, and creative communication methods and skills. Having addressed education reform, organizational change, and the management of human difference in Colombia, this group is prepared to assist in creating preferred futures.

Prosperity Game: Gaming methodology has been an effective tool for creating a critical mass for change in systems of all sizes. Originally used in “war-gaming” strategy, the transformation of the word “prosperity” now has a definition that includes all types of wellness and success. International groups can experience the power of this method by hosting a “prototype” Prosperity Game, by choosing a challenging issue and engaging a team of designers and facilitators to convene a large group over 2 days to create their preferred future.

Nourishing Talk: Gathering around the meal table has long been the cause for a halt to conflict, whether temporarily or permanent. Food has the power to convene people despite their human differences. An international team of social change facilitators is taking a more deliberate exploration of the role of cooking, gardening, harvesting, and eating together. Innovative communication methods, in pursuit of peace, can be combined with convening around food, in order to bring about peace and wholeness.

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